What clients are saying...

Maya was wonderful to work with in every way. As a long-time fitness devotee, I thought I knew almost everything about macros, metabolism, and calories in vs. calories out. After using every ounce of knowledge I had, I still found myself in weight-loss and strength building plateau. Maya was able to quickly identify ares of my diet that needed improvement, and worked with me to balance it out with foods I LIKE. She explained her suggestions in detail, and we wrote a meal plan together that I could easily refer back to after our initial meeting. Results quickly followed, including reaching my weight goals while staying full all day long - a concept I’d given up on years ago! I highly recommend!!
— Emily
Maya and her nutrition guidance pointed me in the right direction to completely revamp my eating habits. By watching sodium count, lowering the number of meals with red meat, and cooking for myself instead of buying meals from supermarket hot bars, I’ve lost 8 pounds.
— Elaine
With Maya’s help and support, I lost 18 pounds before my wedding day! She is a great motivator and  truly cares about your progress. Her meal plan is tailored to each individual’s preference and lifestyle and has a ton of options so you don’t get bored of eating the same old thing!
— Julie
Maya was incredibly easy to talk to and listened intently as I explained my complicated medical history. She offered creative ideas to help handle my symptoms and worked with me to discover dietary plans that would be suitable for my lifestyle and preferences. As a patient with severe Crohn’s, I would highly recommend working with Maya to understand how to manage day to day symptoms through your diet.
— Hayden
I attribute much of my weight loss to Maya’s guidance. As I was in the process of transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle, she was more than helpful in providing specific guidance and options that were supportive of my weight-loss. One factor that kept me engaged was the weekly encouragement Maya provided. In the end, I lost close to 30 pounds!
— Kimberly