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How can we develop a culture for our employees to staying healthy and happy?

Our people travel a ton; what are some creative ways we can help them?

Our core values focus on people; what can we do to help support their well-being?


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From one hour seminars to one day workshops, I help you bring well-being into the workplace.

Each experience is tailored to you and your team.

Travel Well: How to stay on track while on the road
Curb Cravings: Tips to healthily satisfy your sweet tooth
Healthful Aging: What the science says and what to choose

Your employees will have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions designed to stimulate learning and spark curiosity. They’ll walk away with evidence-based tips and tools they can start using right away.

I’ll make it easy for you to enhance, or expand, current well-being offerings today.


Maya facilitated a company nutrition talk that was very engaging and interactive. We had a few other talks for our Wellness Week and she was the most well-received and exciting talk we had.

She also followed up her conversation with 1:1s with employees and the time slots filled up in less than 10 minutes. The company was very eager to have her here!
— Allison, CityBase